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About Us

Fit Trip is a world-leading yacht company.

Only with a solid foundation of trust, safety commitment and professional yacht knowledge, can we assume the distinctive role of a yacht agent. In this capacity, we secure the owner’s approval and arrange private yacht charters both domestically and internationally.

In addition to our extensive knowledge in the yacht domain, we also bring invaluable experience from years as a top-tier travel agency. Having hosted numerous travelers and organized many unique customized group itineraries, our sense of achievement lies in creating unforgettable and distinctive memories for you.

Every precious holiday you entrust us with, we will strive to provide excellent service and bring you an unforgettable journey.





As we age, our travel companions often become our life partners. Family reunions, on the other hand, tend to revolve around meals. Seize the family’s energy for travel while they are eager.

Bring the little ones at home and schedule an annual trip to foster emotional connections and relationships within the family.

Yacht travel is the ideal way to explore the world. Elders enjoy ease of movement and exclusive service, couples relax amidst busy schedules and kids have ocean fun. Yacht travel is the most suitable way for a family journey.

Yacht travel alleviates concerns about group travels, it offers a special time with loved ones, free from concerns about navigating with strangers. Familiar faces create a more intimate experience.

Prior to departure, we will inquire about your preferences and customize the travel mode to make it comfortable for you and your loved ones.

The special 0-degree horizontal perspective is a travel angle that the affluent can’t get enough of. Let us take you and your loved ones on an exclusive yacht journey!

Our Fleet of Vessels

Having jointly planned a rare holiday with loved ones,
you've purchased flight tickets to a foreign land,
preparing to enjoy a memorable and relaxing journey.

Let us dedicate 120% of our effort to meticulously plan your itinerary, oversee every detail, and prioritize the experiences and safety of you and your loved ones.

Entrust your journey to us with confidence,
and let us together create cherished and precious experiences along with beautiful memories for a lifetime.