Taiwan Luxury Yacht X Tour to Taiwan’s Offshore Islands X Deluxe One-Day Tour to Taipei

Summer Exclusive: Explore the Dreamy Tiffany with a Taipei Suburbs One-Day Tour

Have you ever thought arranging a lavish yacht trip in Taiwan is an unattainable dream? Now, seize the chance to charter the entire yacht and embark on a beautiful and unforgettable one-day trip to Turtle Island, Milk Sea, an offshore island of Taiwan, with your loved ones.

Charter the most suitable yacht

Top-Tier French Catamaran


*English-Speaking Crew Available*
*Charter capacity is limited to 20 passengers*

*The total cost for the entire team for 10 hours a day is TW180,000! (Includes expenses for 3 vehicles, lunch, dinner, and photographer)*

A top-tier French Catamaran, acclaimed as the “Best Sailboat of the Year”. A robust structure, superior performance and a spacious hull defines her. The foredeck even offers ample space for yoga!

Guided by an experienced captain, we navigated towards the serene Milk Sea, where a gentle breeze and boundless horizon create and unparalleled sense of leisure and comfort.

European-style streamlined monohulled yacht


*English-Speaking Crew Available*
*Charter capacity is limited to 17 passengers*

*The total cost for the entire team for 10 hours a day is TW170,000! (Includes expenses for 3 vehicles, lunch, dinner, and photographer)*

This premium yacht is crafted by the internationally renowned yacht designer J. C. Espinosa. The lofty flybridge and spacious well-lit salon offers an excellent seascape. Extending entertainment and leisure areas, the yacht embodies the unparalleled comfort typical of vessels 70 feet and larger.

European-style luxury heavy-duty sailboat


*English-Speaking Crew Available*
*Charter capacity is limited to 12 passengers*

*The total cost for the entire team for 10 hours a day is TW90,000~130,000! (Includes expenses for 1~2 vehicles, lunch, dinner, and photographer)*

As a rare large monohulled sailboat in the Taiwanese yacht market, the spacious vessel with teak decks provides an ideal space for sunbathing, allowing one to cast away the busyness. Bathed in the sea breeze, the communal space is a joyful gathering spot that offers a perfect blend of woodsy charm and contemporary design for an enjoyable sea journey.

The latest stylish speedboat


*Charter capacity is limited to 6 passengers*

*The total cost for the entire team for 10 hours a day is TW50,000! (Includes expenses for 1 vehicle, lunch, dinner)*

If you crave speed and excitement, this stylish speedboat is undoubtedly your best choice! The agility of a speedboat, coupled with the latest design featuring a diving platform, you and your loved ones can fully indulge in the joy of playing on the water. Exploring hidden gems is also completely possible!

Only kids make choices – I want it all!
The most professional Terrestrial, Maritime, and Aerial team.

Professional Taiwan SUP Coach Team

While abroad, safety comes first. With our yacht tours, your safety is our utmost priority. Our team of SUP coaches are certified professional lifeguards with years of experience, allowing you and your loved ones to enjoy the entire journey with peace of mind!

Taiwan Outdoor Enthusiast Photographer

Outing is never complete without beautiful photos. We’ve partnered with professional photographers who allows you to leave your phone and enjoy the moment – they will capture the most natural, stunning, and unforgettable moments for you! Especially with aerial photography, the results are more breathtaking than individual photos. It’s an essential photography package for maritime activities!
*Photos will be edited within 7 days after the trip and provided via cloud storage. *

Yacht Floral Picnic Party

Indulge in an exclusively arranged mobile afternoon tea picnic feast, with romantic flowers, seaside settings, fresh pastries and soothing jazz music playing in the background, bringing a sense of ceremony to your experience.


Taiwan’s Top-Rated Travel Reviews recommend: Unlimited free-flow beer and soft drinks.

To make your journey “chill-er”, Fit Trip has your soft drinks and beers ready!
Enjoy free-flow drinks onboard at no extra charges upon boarding!

One-stop complete planning by Taipei travel agency for a worry-free and enjoyable trip.

In addition to professional yacht expertise and years of travel agency experience, Fit Trip is supported by the assurance of the Taiwan Tourism Administration. From selecting the yacht and water activity instructors to Mercedes-Benz chauffeur service, we offer comprehensive itinerary planning for your Yilan trip, ensuring you a relaxed and worry-free holiday experience.
*English-speaking chauffeurs are available for advance reservation.

Milk Sea

Turtle Island of Yilan, a popular summer destination on eastern coast of Taiwan, known for its active volcano. Recent years, the Milk Sea formed by underwater hot springs has gained social media fame, with picturesque photos rivaling magazine covers. The island showcases unique natural beauty and is a must-visit destination in Taiwan.

The Milk Sea displays a dreamy pink hue, with a subtle milky gradient on the deep blue surface. This effect is attribute to the emergence of underwater hot springs; the interaction of high-temperature spring water with cold seawater causes the captivating and hazy color transformation.

The waters around Turtle Island are relatively calm, offering visitors the opportunity to engage in water activities such as stand-up paddle boarding (SUP).
Even without getting into the water, witnessing the beauty of the Milk Sea from the yacht provides an unparalleled sense of tranquility distinct from typical tourist spots in Taipei.


One-Day Turtle Island Yacht Tour from Taipei to Yilan

Day Trip

Taipei - (Mercedes-Benz chauffeur service) – Yilan/Turtle Island Waters (Dreamy Milk Sea) - Water Party/Yilan - (Mercedes-Benz chauffeur service) - Taipei

Departing from Taipei, enjoy a 1-hour Mercedes-Benz chartered ride to Yilan. Once set sail, enjoy the sea breeze route to Turtle Island, a professional Taiwanese SUP coach will accompany you to ensure your safety and ease of learning. Exclusive floral picnic party to experience the stunning seascape is also available, but worry-free if all you want is to relax, water toys are provided at the rear of the yacht for leisure, allowing you to relax and enjoy the soothing waves.

Understanding your expectations for beautiful photos, we’ve partnered with a professional photography team skilled in aerial shots, ensuring magnificent views and angles for your photo, making you the focal point on your Instagram.

With possibilities of spotting dolphins on your way back, we conclude your memorable day with unlimited free-flow beer and soft drinks.

For those who wish to extend the experience, additional options include booking a stay at a selected five-star hot spring hotel in Yilan with a return to Taipei the next day via arranged chauffeur service.

Lunch: Handmade oven-baked Pizza
Dinner: Seafood restaurant 
Transportation: One-day Mercedes-Benz eight-seater charter
*English-speaking chauffeurs available for advance reservation
Duration: 10 Hours
Accommodation: Not Included
*Additional purchase of a five-star hot spring hotel and a second-day Mercedes-Benz eight-seater charter back to Taipei is available

Carefully selected top-tier five-star hot spring hotels to extend your moments of joy.

The five-star Wellspring by Silks combines earthly tones with modern design and diverse arts, seamlessly blending nature and culture.
The rooftop offers a Relaxation Area with a pool, allowing you to relax and enjoy the surrounding scenery in comfort.

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Itinerary Notes

Payment, refund, and personnel change instructions for charter fees.

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